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Thinking outside the book: Preschool-teaching practices that add value!

Thinking outside the book: Preschool-teaching practices that add value!

Like parents, teachers are extremely influential in inspiring and moulding a child. Especially at the preschool level, a teacher leaves a lasting impression on the child's mind. Understandably, preschool teachers undergo special training to impart learning without curbing the natural curiosity and to offer opportunities to be creative.

Listed below are few methods well-trained preschool teachers practice and encourage their peers to follow as well:

  • Personal awareness of every kid
  • Holistic approach towards development
  • Engage kids in exercises that help develop decision-making skills
  • Club learning with fun
  • Incorporate worldview
  • Build leadership skills
  • Moral education

Personal attention: Educators today realize that every child has a unique personality. Even in a type that more than 20-30 students, the teacher would often spend dedicated time with every child. It is observed as a norm today to see preschool teachers knowing every child's personality well and in turn, be better equipped to groom each child in a distinctive way.

Holistic approach towards development: Getting children to learn numbers, colours, shapes and alphabets is not enough. They're definitely important, but emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development is simply as crucial. Practical lessons in drama, speech, arts, and values must also be considered a area of the overall training methodology. Learning outside of the class helps generate a richer learning experience.

Engage kids in exercises that help develop decision-making skills: Children at Montessori inspired preschools are encouraged to indulge in exploration. Children are motivated to decide about what they want to play with or if they would not like to complete anything at all. Giving the kid space helps to make them be comfortable in the confines of the college from their parents. In addition, it provides the choice to choose and apply logical thinking to make well-thought decisions. Certain group activities also help inculcate decision-making with the addition of a little bit of responsibility and authority to fun.

Club learning with fun: At preschool, children are introduced to the thought of numbers and letters through simple games or activities. Arranging alphabets on a metal board, counting beads or sorting toys of different colours are some of the many ways by which teachers help children learn the essential concepts in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Worldview: It might sound too soon for pre-schoolers, but teachers might also expose children to the current affairs of the world as well as early concepts of geography and biology. Preschool children of today definitely know much more than children from earlier generations as information will come in forms that could have them interested and spark curiosity.

Build Leadership skills: Encouraging different grade students to mingle and providing opportunities to learn from each other is a highly effective way to learn and instil leadership traits. When younger kids look up to teenagers, it boosts their confidence and sense of responsibility.

Moral education: Moral education extends learning from stories to practical life lessons. From being a good person who helps others to a responsible one that takes care of his/ her belongings, everyday lessons are an integral part of progressive preschools like CIS.

It is heartening to observe that school education steering increasingly towards the child's needs from the pre-set notion of book-based training. Schools and parents make every endeavour for school time to be fun and engaging for small children and teachers have an all important role in moulding the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

This informative article is developed after a comprehensive research on those sites of some of the well-known international schools in Singapore, of which CIS was the shortlisted for borrowing specific views. For more information kindly visit nursery in singapore

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