Thursday, 16 March 2017

Top 3 international schools in Singapore that offer IB Scholarships

School education in Singapore is considered one of the best in the world and most competitive at the same time. Singapore’s multi-cultural community has allowed a variety of schools to flourish in the country apart from the very reputed National School System. With international curriculums like IB and IGCSE gaining prominence in recent years, there has been a curiosity and demand for such schools in Singapore. The good news is that almost all international schools offer scholarship programs to Singaporean and/or expat students. Here are the top 3 international schools that offer IB scholarships in Singapore.
1.      St Joseph’s Institution International School: Started in 2007, the school is a part of the Lasalian schools in Singapore with a legacy dating back to 1852. The school has a generous scholarship programme to enable students from lower income groups to have access to world class education. In 2016 the school awarded 7 scholarships to foreign students and 10 to Singaporeans based on merit and means. These scholarships are enabled through the school’s scholarship fund that welcomes donations from alumni and other networks. Apart from these, there are 3 additional internal scholarships funded through the school’s operational budget. The tuition fees at SJI costs over S$30000 per year.

2.      Canadian International School:  The school has one of the most multi-cultural campuses in Singapore with students and teachers from over 70 countries! Canadian International School has a well structured IB DP scholarship in place. The scholarship is a 2 year programme for students through grade 11-12. The award is based purely on merit and includes 100% tuition fee for 2 years along with accommodation (for foreign students) and incidental expenses. The annual tuition fee at CIS sums to over S$37,000. Eligibilty criteria include excellence in academics, arts and/or sports along with recommendations from past and present teachers. Essay and interview with school management follows and post awarding the scholarship, it is subject to review semi-annually as well.

3.      ACS International, Singapore: ACS International has on offer 2 full scholarships for students currently studying in local Singapore schools. The full scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees, examination fees, stationery, books and other expenses including a service trip. The scholarship is worth S$35,000 per year per student. Additionally, there are 2 half scholarships that cover 65% of the tuition fees. The program is for students through grades 6-7. Chief criteria include outstanding academic achievements along with awards in CCA (Co-Curricular Activities). The scholarship is reviewed at the end of first year and continued to the next on the compliance of requirements set by the school management. Though the scholarship is both merit and means based, the means part is optional in the application form and can be left blank.

A scholarship in one of the top international schools in Singapore can be a big monetary relief for a family and therefore worth researching.  Apart from attracting the best and brightest students, families have an opportunity to make available high quality education for their wards, therefore a win-win for both. With IB curriculum enjoying acceptance in different countries, an IB scholarship can be a great advantage for any student aspiring to study in some of the best universities in the world.For more information kindly visit ib schools 

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