Monday, 15 May 2017

Age appropriate summer camps — A much needed addition to school curriculums

Schools do a great job of imparting mainstream academics to young children. However in the everyday rigour of scholastic life, it's a challenge to create time for teaching soft skills such as collaboration and critical thinking. Since most careers require the abilities to communicate, collaborate, be creative and think out from the box, their importance can't be overwritten. That's where the idea of a summer camp seems like a good consideration. Regarded as experiential and hands-on in nature, summer camps offer a platform for children to develop critical, cognitive, social and emotional skills within a fun, nurturing environment.canadian international summer school
Building on the premise that children go through the deepest, most genuine forms of learning when they are spared the pressure of academic performance, summer camps are an essential addition to school curriculums. Fostering a culture of play-based learning, age-appropriate summer camps across a wide selection of themes help children discover self-learning as an important part of the school life.
It is important to create age-appropriate programs that consider factors like a child's development, personality and learning abilities. As an example, children tend to have excited at the idea of a holiday, seek fun ways to play some familiar sport and learn a technique or two of a common game. On another hand, older kids might want to stay focused inside their academic pursuits and therefore seek fun and exciting ways to make use of math and science in everyday problem-solving opportunities.
The Canadian International School (CIS) in Singapore believes that summer breaks form the perfect setting for children to indulge in a wide selection of activities that contribute to their overall learning experience. Using their impressionable minds, small children, especially, learn best such settings. True to its reputation as the most effective international school in Singapore, CIS offers clearly structured, age-appropriate summer programs that cover a wide selection of activities, thereby enriching students'learning experiences. The sports and wellness program for kids aged 4 to 5 years is the one that seeks to develop essential skills through physical activity and sessions by sports specialists. This enables them to stay at the top of the game, whether on the court or in the pool.singapore international school
Completely thought through and tailored for kids between 6 and 8 years, the creativity and performances program supplies a platform for young minds to unleash their creativity through some artistic, literary and musical activities. Camp activities challenge participants to state themselves by creating something new while fostering a love for music and the arts. Because they grow older, the necessity in which to stay touch with mainstream academics becomes important. Factoring this, the programs by CIS for 9 to 14 year-olds offer activities that concentrate on developing problem-solving abilities through in-depth learning of science, technology, math and other subjects.
To best prepare children for social and academic success, summer camps occupy a predominant position in shaping their future. Therefore, it makes absolute sense to think about their role in the broader scheme of learning and make them an essential part of school curricula. 

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