Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How summer camps at school can boost learning?

In the current competitive academic environment, children are seeking to pursue active learning, not only through classroom training, but in addition by participating in several other programs like summer camps. The role summer camps play in facilitating learning can't be undermined, particularly in light of research findings which show that after students stop learning for a long period of time, they experience a phenomenon called ‘summer learning loss '. This really is if they lose sight of their goals and slip into a lackadaisical mode. summer camps
Creating ample learning opportunities and actively engaging students to innovate are some of the many goals that summer camps aim to achieve. Recent research from the RAND Corporation has indicated that top quality, engaging, low-cost programs can prevent summer learning loss and even boost student achievement (McCombs et al., 2011). In this context, the significance and impact of summer camps on children's active learning processes produces an advisable discussion. Underscoring its value, the Canadian International School (CIS) in Singapore has schematically designed holiday programs replete with interesting activities which make learning exciting! Including mainstream academic camp projects predicated on science and technology to specialized art, craft, music and language learning programs, the school's summer camp activities are clearly targeted at holistic development of each child in a stimulating environment. Let us go through the many aspects of summer camps that contribute to a child's overall learning.
With academic pressure off their shoulders, children in summer camps have both enough time and the ability to immerse themselves into diverse yet specialized subjects such as for instance robotics, crafts, music and the like. A hands-on approach to learning a task equips them to assess a developing situation and make the best decision about which subsequent move to make. Through one particular camp program that focuses on sports and wellness, CIS aims to supply campers with the unique opportunity to master essential skills from sport specialists, enabling them to be at the very top of their game whether on the court or in the pool.
Problem-solving abilities
Partaking in summer enrichment programs help children develop superior problem-solving skills. Since the entire aim of a camp is to position students in a nourishing environment sans academic rigour, they figure out how to produce more inventive and creative solutions through out-of-the box thinking. STEAM, one of many CIS's summer programs, is just a culmination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, which aims at helping children apply their STEAM knowledge in real-life situations. Through this, campers explore the planet and wonders of coding, take part in activities like building robots and figure out how to tackle engineering problems using real-time perspectives.
Identify individual prospect areas
By reinforcing knowledge learned during the institution year, summer camps help students identify their strengths, in addition to areas in that they need improvement. Complementing what they learn during regular classroom sessions, summer programs create an ambience for students to take part in immersive learning; thereby recognizing their true potential beyond your realm of academics.
Promote all-round development
Besides specific skills that contribute to professional growth and progress, summer camps serve as suitable platforms for children to develop their emotional and social intelligence, while they make new friends and work collaboratively. Through new experiences, children figure out how to transfer of their safe place and pursue what they are passionate about.
So the underside line is, summer camps aren't only for fun — they give a whole new perspective for children while they delve into learning. Commensurate with their label as the best international school in Singapore, CIS offers several summer camp programs for children to decide on from.
Simply put, summer camps serve as one of many primary means for students to realize their full potential!

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