Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Top Preschools in Singapore

One of the most daunting yet fulfilling experiences for parents of a pre-schooler is to find the right kindergarten for their child. Finding a preschool that taps their little one’s curiosity and nurtures it in a stimulating environment is of primary importance, considering that kindergarten experience establishes the foundation for a life-long learning.  Migrating parents in international settings like Singapore also face the grind of adjusting to a new lifestyle in a new place. With a plethora of options in front of them, they need to make an informed decision while choosing the right preschool.  Here’s a starter guide to the best preschools in Singapore.
1. Designed to stimulate imagination and creativity in young minds, the Canadian International School’s (CIS) Kindergarten program is relevant in the global context. With a curriculum that draws from the best courses worldwide, its high point is how it is entirely structured within the Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework. Furthermore, CIS believes in providing warm and nurturing learning environments in order to support an inquiry and play-based approach to education. This ultimately leads to a student community that is happy, confident and gainfully engaged.
2. With a rich 20 year history of Montessori education, its central location, and its seven centers spread across the region, Brighton is one of the most preferred choices for pre-schoolers’ parents. With its uniquely-designed curriculum and Montessori-trained teachers, children here are set on a path of exploration and self-discovery through an individualized learning approach. Brighton uses Montessori materials with a curriculum based off the key areas of practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics, although classes are not mixed-age in the traditional Montessori setup.
3. With a brand name that is highly reputable in Singapore, the Eton House International School has established its presence with a dozen locations over the island — each with a slightly different feel and character. Promising an environment that allows for playing, learning and socializing, parents rave about the school’s “Inquire-Think-Learn” approach, underpinned by its strong bilingual programs, gorgeous facilities, and dedicated teachers.
4. The German European School Singapore (GESS) is a multi-lingual, not-for-profit international school. With a cosmopolitan environment that brings together children of over 50 nationalities, the school offers both German and English-language options within the PYP (Primary Years Programme) curriculum. In keeping with its aim of offering a truly global experience, students of GESS usually witness a host of multi-cultural celebrations throughout the year — everything from Diwali to Carnival. Curriculum-driven programs such as pre-reading and pre-writing skills, science, sports, music, drama, arts and cooking are tailored to offer a well-rounded experience!

5. Gaining a lot of popularity through word of mouth and parenting forums, the Odyssey Global Preschool on Wilkinson Road employs the Reggio Emilia framework, aimed at exploratory and self-guided learning for children aged 9 months to 6 years. Complete with state-of-the-art facilities, Odyssey is renowned for its ability to set children up for lifelong learning, instilling responsibility and curiosity, instead of just compelling them to memorize academic kindergarten in singapore

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