Thursday, 7 December 2017

children friendly comedy

When you have gone to any live shows featuring stand-up comics recently you'll know that most comedians get their laughs with jokes that are off-color and definitely not suitable for children. Orlando vacation-goers however usually takes all the family to two destinations that provide clean, top quality humor on a nightly basis.
The first of these destinations may be the SAK Comedy Lab. It is just a 200 seat improvisational comedy theater in downtown Orlando. As well as presenting shows, SAK is a training school for up and coming comedians and runs a SAK University with four levels of comic training.
How good are the SAK shows? Some young visitors who have undergone most of the attractions of Orlando, including Disney World, Sea World, Universal and the indoor sky diving at Sky Ventures, put SAK Comedy Lab as their number a couple of attractions. It is that good!
You can find a number of different shows running at SAK but the key one is Duel of Fools which is a "high energy improv competition" with audience judges. Seasonal variations with this show are called Yule for Fools (Christmas) and Passion for Fools (Valentine's Day). As well as the key show, you can even see shows put on by the students and interns of the SAK Comedy Lab.
Famous "graduates" from SAK include: Wayne Brady, Dee Bradley Baker, Karey Kirkpatrick and Jonathan Mangum. Them all were members of the ensemble before heading onto careers elsewhere.  family comedy
One of the best options that come with the SAK Comedy Lab is it is reasonably priced. Admission for Duel of Fools is just $15 and refreshments may also be inexpensive as well. Parking is between $8-10. That is an alcohol free venue and definitely suited for the entire family.
SAK Comedy Lab is situated at 380 W. Amelia Street Orlando, FL 32801 First floor of Centroplex II Parking Garage and you are able to call them at 407-648-0001.
Another great family-friendly comedy hub in Orlando may be the Outta Control Dinner Show. The key comedian, Tony Brent, is just a magician and he gets the audience involved with his truly amazing tricks.
It's difficult to eat when you're laughing so hard, but you'll desire to test it here since they last unlimited amounts of excellent pizza and supplement it with tossed salad, popcorn, beer, wine, soda and desserts. clean comedy
As well as being family-friendly, Outta Control is very inexpensive with adult tickets selling for $24.95 and tickets for children and seniors are $16.95. When you have a group of 8 or maybe more you can even book a birthday celebration or hold other group or corporate events there.
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