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Watchmen comics, the 12-series book developed by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore, are not your usual graphic novel. It is not just a rip from any virtuous and flawless superhero stories we've been used to reading. It is dark, grim, pulp and deviant in every way. Best stand up comedy
Moore's depiction of dystopia way to mirror the modern day dilemmas. The back ground for the plot is an alternate history of the United States where the united states are at the brink of waging a nuclear war against Soviet Union. Populating the pages are the highly humanized and flawed characters Moore created. These characters reflect the nature of humanity and the truth of existence. Every character possesses an ambivalent surge of emotions, despair, violence, and moral bankruptcy. Moreover, the creators wanted to show readers what these characters are exactly about without sugar-coating them. In a interview, Moore said, "What we wanted to do was show many of these people, warts and all. Show that even the worst of these had something going for them, and even the very best of these had their flaws."
Unlike all the heroes depicted in epics and other graphic novels, the Watchmen characters, although in costume, don't have superpowers except for Doctor Manhattan.
The characters are nothing beats Superman. They are not friendly nor stable enough to be trusted. They scheme, deceive and give in the urgency of their very own worldly needs. These characters are far more of the deconstructed notion of an overman. This is one aspect of the comics that firmly grounds it on realism.
Moore and Gibbons want to show the various facets of human condition through their characters. Doctor Manhattan is just a representation of a murderous mind; The Comedian is the Peacemaker; Nite Owl, the vigilante superhero; Ozymandias, the representation of goodness; Rorschack, a symbolism of the gray part of life; and Silk Spectre, object of desire and the lust.
In the graphic novel, five radically opposing world constructs are presented. As opposed to dictating to the readers the demarcation line involving the spheres of good and evil, the novel throws audience right into a moral debate. The creators enable the readers to get involved in an active discussion about what's black, white or gray on the morality scale. India Stand up comedy
This comic book is a marriage between fantasy and realism. The unique plot and a lot more humanized characters send all the comic books to shame. Watchmen was not created to provide readers a great read. Instead, it had been meant to make sure they are think and enter into terms with the multilevel conflicts that human existence brings.
Watchmen doesn't only boast of an intelligently written plot. Its art and visual representations also highlight the strengths of comic books medium to premium heights.
Watchmen comics has deconstructed the overman and totally stayed true to the truth to be human. It's twisted and reinvented the comic book genre in feats nothing you've seen prior seen. In a nutshell, it has dispelled the overman myth and indicated that humans, even those we consider perfect, are flawed.
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