Thursday, 7 December 2017

Lying To Your Wife and Getting Caught In a Lie- Doctor Jagdish Chaturvedi: Stand up Comedy India

As a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, I've followed the show throughout my life and in all kinds of different media. Similar to people I started out by watching the TV programme, but I soon became exposed to different ways of following my favourite Sci Fi programme. First this is through the Target novels. They certainly were thin books novelising shows that had been already on TV. I used to obtain them from the library and read with wonder about stories from yesteryear that I'd otherwise never be able to see. Then I moved onto comic strips in Doctor Who Magazine, and later still the first novels and audio adventures that appeared when the show was on its long TV hiatus.
A good interest of mine was fan fiction. Stories relating to the characters and worlds from Doctor Who, but without the real authorisation to accomplish so. Probably quite definitely illegal. Want to see what might happen if the TARDIS landed on the Starship Enterprise? Fan fiction would tell you. Even to this day, with so much new Dr Who being officially released, there's still a lot of fan fiction being released. The downside is that much of this really is run-of-the-mill stuff. Sometimes a written bit of fan fiction just isn't the simplest way presenting things any more. Doctor Comic
So, with that in mind, listed below are three approaches that I've seen around, that you simply might want to use to create your fan fiction interesting and innovatively presented.
(1) The Ultra-Short Story.Want an actual challenge and don't have too much time to invest on your fan fiction. Here's difficult for you. See if you can write a complete story within 500 words. It's much less easy as it can sound. You've to drop the characters straight into adventure and peril. Within a 500 word limit you have to create every word count. Count on the imagination of one's readers and the knowledge of the Doctor Who universe that they already need certainly to take full benefit of the room limitations. A phrase of warning. Writing 500 words sounds easy, but actually sticking with a control means so it mightn't be that quick to write.
(2) An audio drama.Lots of people nowadays prefer to watch or listen that read. Producing an audio drama can expose your idea to an extensive audience who will listen when travelling or doing a mundane household chore. In this case, you'll need to write a script and think about ways to produce the drama. Are you aware the best actors? Can you place up a home PC to deal with the audio recording requirements? If you're struggling, consider using original companions and telling the story through their eyes. For the reason that case, you can also use your own voice and allow it to be into a single header. Doctor Comedian
(3) Photo comic strip.I enjoy this idea and it's great if you're good with a camera. Get hold of a number of Doctor Who figures. All the toys are now actually perfectly made and look highly realistic. You will get every major character from the show. Now, set the toys up to tell a story in the form of some photos. Being a comic strip, but you may make it a lot more quickly from figures than if you're the need to draw the artwork. Edit the outcomes on some type of computer, add speech bubbles and there you have an innovative bit of fan fiction ready to share with the world.
So, that's three new ideas for you personally to take into account when producing fan fiction. Whether you're a writer, an audio or the artistic type, you can find one of these fandom ideas that'll work you and one that may enable you to obtain a whole new audience to your work. Personally, I like the Doctor Who photo comic strip, utilizing the figurines, but you certainly can do what you may like. Do drop me a line to let me know how you get on.

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