Monday, 24 April 2017

Funding Opportunities for IB grads

Given its truly global culture and a welcoming environment, Singapore has now acquired the status of an ideal destination and the best fit for students looking for a globalist, multi-cultural study environment.
Giving that learning is all about considering the nature of human thought and developing the necessary skills through an approach that shuns rote learning, International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes are on their method to becoming the brand new normal.  For a holistic learning experience that opens the doorways to admissions at international universities of repute, IB Diploma programmes in Singapore may also be being recognised around with funding opportunities like never before.

As an example, the Canadian International School (CIS) IB Diploma Scholarship programme reinforces its commitment in promoting and recognising educational excellence, while ensuring equal usage of its world-class teaching and learning programmes. This scholarship aims to encourage students to strive for excellence, which are in keeping with the educational ideals of the school. The IB Diploma (DP) is really a 2-year programme (Grades 11-12) that is recognised by universities across the world.  Successful scholarship candidates will relish the opportunity to see and take advantage of a rigorous international curriculum spanning across several universities of repute.
Universities around the world recognize the International IB Diploma programme for excelling in preparing students for successful university educational experiences and for a lifetime in a global society.

·          The Singaporean Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) is awarding scholarships to Singaporean nationals and permanent residents who are on their way to begin an undergraduate education in Economics. The scholarship seeks to cover tuition fees and other approved charges, airfare and possible sponsorship of a Master's degree.
·          Through this initiative, scholarships are awarded to students seeking their economics degrees from leading universities in countries such as for instance Singapore, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Once selected, recipients of the scholarship will receive financial support from MTI for approximately six years for qualifying expenses including tuition, other academic expenses, maintenance and other approved non-academic expenses, and return economy airfare if the student decide to examine beyond Singapore.
So, if you should be entering university in 2010 or next, keep your eyes open for scholarship opportunities which come your path as that could well open the doors to your dream university.For more information kindly visit international baccalaureate program

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