Monday, 24 April 2017

Honing Skills to be Future Ready

Being a multilingual and open country where many languages are spoken, Singapore has a wide variety of language schools. In this information, I cover the different types and what things to remember when selecting your school of choice.
Decision #1 Pure language school vs. hybrid school
Although some schools in Singapore focus on teaching languages alone, it's very common to see private schools that combine language courses with course offerings in hospitality, commerce or preparatory courses for entering Singapore's primary or secondary schools.
These'hybrid'schools are usually larger, meaning that they give more services with their enrolled students, such as for example events and aid in securing a destination for a stay. They could also smooth the way to follow up studies in the town state, as they'll have connections with local Universities and Polytechnics.
On the flip side, the'pure'language schools tend to be more dedicated to the language curriculum. If you opt to enroll in a college that gives languages alone, you'll often have the ability to take advantage of language and culture related activities form lessons.
Decision #2 EduTrust vs. non-Edutrust
EduTrust is Singapore's scheme for certifying private schools. EduTrust is needed for schools that provide full-time courses above a specific duration and courses for that the course fees are over a specific amount. The upside of EduTrust is that they need to have clear procedures in position to make sure school fees are safe and students are ensured.
The downside is... bureaucracy. Simply signing up for a language course usually requires 3 forms, to be completed in person. You need to prove that you've health insurance and might need to subscribe for fee protection insurance or an Escrow arrangement for paying your lesson fees. Simply speaking, although it has some protection, EduTrust also can allow it to be rather complicated to really subscribe for your course, especially if you aren't located in Singapore.
Decision #3 Single vs. multiple language schools
Some schools opt to specialize in a single language while others provide a whole range of different languages. You can find schools specializing in English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and perhaps other languages as well.
Specialized language schools often provide a better developed curriculum and more class start dates, so if you have the opportunity, it is definitely recommended to become listed on a class at just one language school. To learn more please visitSecondary school singapore

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