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IB Schools in Southeast Asia that Provide Scholarship

IB Schools in Southeast Asia that Provide Scholarship

There are various International Baccalaureate (IB) scholarships designed for qualified Diploma Programme and IB Career-related programme students. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is just a two-year educational programme primarily targeted at students aged 16–19. This program is one which provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and is accepted by many universities worldwide. The IB programme is more practical and application-based. It features a broader spectral range of subjects that lead to all-round baccalaureate program

Let's look at some of the schools in South-east Asia offering IBDP scholarships.
The International School of Penang (Uplands) in Malaysia has an IBDP, a difficult two-year pre-university course with an international curriculum incorporating the best components of national systems worldwide. The important thing areas of the programme include increased exposure of critical thinking, intercultural understanding and responsible citizenship. IB Diploma holders gain admission to universities through the world. Furthermore, scholarships or what they call bursaries have been initiated for students to work their way towards an education inside their dream university.

The British International School in Phuket is just one more academic gateway that opens doors of several scholarship opportunities because of its IBDP students. With a strong dedication to maintain a higher standard of academic excellence, the college believes in providing students the proper foundation for seeking exceptional university education.  In an effort to supply existing students with an incentive to accomplish well in school, and to recognise achievement in a real manner, the college has initiated Dr. Arthit Scholarship. It believes in recognizing students for academic potential at the level of the IB Diploma. The scholarship is going to be based on proven academic excellence, and the potential for the student to truly have a positive impact upon school of singapore

The Canadian International School (CIS) IB Diploma Scholarship programme in Singapore reinforces its commitment in promoting and recognising educational excellence, while ensuring equal usage of its world-class teaching and learning programmes. This scholarship aims to encourage students to strive for excellence which are consistent with the educational ideals of the school. The IB Diploma (DP) is just a 2 year programme (Grades 11-12) that is recognised by universities around the world.  Successful scholarship candidates will relish the opportunity to have and benefit from a rigorous international curriculum spanning across several universities of repute.
An education is an investment for one's future. With financial aid and scholarships as add ons, the journey of seeking the goal of education will become more rewarding and fruitful.

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