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As a professional humorous speaker, I'm hired by corporations and associations to create an amusing perspective with their next meeting or event. Many Meeting Planners are seeking qualified professional humorous speakers to simply help add levity, an amusing perspective and humorous content with their meetings message. A lot of people attending meetings today complain about how serious they are and have expressed a desire for more humorous content with a professional humorous speaker. Technology
The man who really started the laughter, humorous speaking and health craze in the twentieth century was Dr. Norman Cousins, who eventually became an amusing speaker. Dr. Cousins was editor of the Saturday Review for over thirty years, and has written numerous books on humorous speaking, including Anatomy of an Illness from the Patients Perspective. In August 1964, Humorous Speaker Cousins, came home from a meeting in Moscow with a fever and feeling achy all over. Inside a week he couldn't move and his sedimentation rate was as much as 88. The sedimentation rate relates to how much infection is within the body and a sedimentation rate of 60 to 70 is considered to be very high. He was eventually identified as having ankylosing spondylitis, which is really a collagen illness that attacks the connective tissues of the body. He once said it felt as though he had been pulled apart at the joints and was in dire need of an amusing speaker.
After seeing many Physicians and undergoing a battery and barrage of tests and visits from humorous speakers. The doctors told him it was probably caused from contact with heavy-metal poisoning and deficiencies in humorous speaking, since many humorous speakers do, so he began to think of when he could have been exposed. During all this stress, Dr. Cousins sought the advice and counsel of several humorous speakers. The thing he could remember was that his hotel in Moscow was next to an important highway where diesel trucks passed through the night long, and since there clearly was no air in the space, he'd kept the windows open most of the time. However, his wife was with him, and she didn't become sick. He started reading material about stress and how it may wear down your immune system. He came across a guide by humorous speaker; Hans Selye called The Stress of Life that proposed the theory that negative emotions cause stressful and harmful effects on the body. He hypothesized when the bad emotions do harmful things, then a good emotions, including a regular dose of humor should be helpful or healthful, especially when provided by an amusing speaker. Technology by
During the time a medical facility was mostly trying to keep Cousins out of pain since there clearly was no cure or treatment for his disease and a serious paucity of humorous speakers. Dr. Cousins called several humorous speakers to go to him and cheer him up through their humorous speaking skills. He had been given the most number of aspirins (26) and phenylbutazone (12) every day, alongside sleeping pills and codeine. Realizing that that number of medicine was very toxic, he decided to test laughter and practice what humorous speakers shared with him. He moved home and hired a nurse to oversee his medical treatment. His nurse would also show him humorous speakers like the Marx Brothers films and read humorous stories and books to him. Dr. Cousins had in effect hired their own team more of humorous speakers to simply help him get better. Within days he was off of all pain killers and sleeping pills and learned that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter provided by humorous speakers, gave him two hours of pain-free sleep. refer it

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