Saturday, 10 June 2017

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Father's Day is one of the most cherished events I anticipate every year. With the demanding lifestyle trends, family time often gets neglected. The fun of watching movies with dad on the occasion of Father's Day can be quite a blissful experience. India & World
This very day is definitely an occasion when you have the ability to thank one's dad for living he has given. While dining out and shopping have already been popular events, watching movies can be quite a richer experience. The flicks may be selected centered on many different factors, but the most crucial theme may be about father-son relationship. Following may be the set of movies you can consider to view on father's day
1. Sleepless in Seattle - The core theme is dependant on father and son relationship. The lead role played by Tom Hanks, who has been doing a brilliant performance. The movie is about emotional bonding, where Tom Hanks loses his wife and his son goes to the extent of searching a prospective woman for his dad. India & World by
2. Road to Perdition - This movie is all about popular man, a function played by Tom Hanks. The movie revolves around a theme of family relationships and the way the hero changes the direction for the proper cause. It's worth watching the way the hero fights for the safety of his son. Even though the movie is fast paced, however it always revolves in and around father-son relationship.
3. Grace is Gone - This movie touches the heart, especially because there have been real life incidents round the theme. The movie is all about a father, who is hesitant to see his daughters about the increasing loss of their mother, who died in a war. The movie received many awards.
4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - In the event one wants to look at a lighter theme, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade can be quite a nice pick. The movie is the 3rd sequence of Indiana Jones, and a brainchild of Steven Spielberg. The movie is all about taking out historical artifacts from criminals, facing a myriad of resistance. The movie is a background story, which Harrison Ford reveals in the classroom. The movie was highly appreciated and also received Academy Award. Know more

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