Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Great Outdoors help kids gain more than physical fitness

The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child, which encompasses intellectual, physical, moral as well as social development. Precisely put, holistic education comprises a perfect blend of academic and extra-curricular pursuits. An extra-curricular or co-curricular activity is one that essentially takes place outside a typical classroom experience.  top kindergarten in singapore
Commonly referred to as CCAs, co-curricular activities form an integral part of a student’s academic life in Singapore. Considering that they are in the formative years of personality development, students of Secondary School find CCAs particularly relevant. Apart from this, there is also a growing need for students to stay updated with the right skills, knowledge and understanding in order to remain relevant and competitive in a changing world.
Recognizing their value, schools all over Singapore have incorporated CCAs as a core part of their curriculum. Identifying the role that CCAs play in helping students discover their talents, the Canadian International School (CIS) in Singapore has designed a framework that incorporates CCAs to hone young minds. The CCA program at CIS offers children opportunities to pursue a vast variety of interests and activities, that are all relevant in the present day context. Additionally, they enhance the development of students’ independence by encouraging them to make choices and organize their time. Let us look at how CCAs play an important role in nurturing a student’s overall academic life.
Fostering social integration
CCAs bring together students from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play and grow with a bond of shared interest. Participation in CCAs fosters social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation.
Exposure to a wide range of activities
With the pressure of academics increasing every day, CCAs act as an outlet to students’ creative interests or ideas. They broaden their insight about specialized fields and help them identify their strengths as well as weaknesses. CCAs thereby play a major role in helping them shape their academic careers. 
Creation of more opportunities
Although admissions to premium universities are mainly dictated by scores and GPAs, students pursuing co-curricular activities have a distinct edge over those who don’t. Participation and performance in CCAs reflect those aspects of a student’s personality that grades and test scores can’t show. Universities today are keen on understanding  students’ capabilities over and above the everyday grind that mainstream school activities offer.
Aesthetic development
Although theoretical knowledge has its own place, when coupled with CCAs, it helps students develop their aesthetic personality on the whole. Character building, spiritual values and creativity are honed when students partake in CCAs. international school in singapore

While the role of education in shaping a student’s personality can’t be stressed enough, CCAs comprise the much needed element to make a student into a well-rounded social being. This is the primary reason why striking the right balance between syllabus, curriculum, and co-curricular activities is so important.

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